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Krystal Takes Charge
Author: Shaved slave
Content: XXX
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Category: Forced
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Post date: Friday, September 2, 2005
Language: English
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My name is Eric and I am 33 years old. I consider myself a very good looking guy and so does my girlfriend (if that's what you want to call her) Krystal. Krystal is a coworker of mine at a fairly small business. She is very sexy. She has shoulder length Black hair usually with another color streaked in there too. She's into the punk style. She has small but perky B/C cups, and a pretty plump, juicy, round ass. Just the way I like 'em. Her looks were never a problem. She always seemed kinda clingy and needy towards me and a bit childish, probably due to her age. She is only 19.

Since she was a coworker I had her agree that if we started anything up together that she would have to keep it a secret. I didn't want to be judged by my peers for the age difference among other reasons for wanting to keep this secret. I always thought due to past experiences it was a bad idea, but since this girl was so hot and persistent I said what the hell. She seemed okay with the idea at the time. After a few months I knew it was a mistake. She was getting bitter about keeping things a secret, and pressuring me more and more to spend more time with her. I decided that I wanted to break things off with her, but I would have to be very careful about how I would do it. I didn't want to make her mad enough to make waves for me at work, but hoped she would just get sick of my shit and break things off herself. So I started just seeing her once every couple weeks or so and it was just for sex. Well this went on for another few months until she reached a boiling point.

Before I get to the story there are 3 other people involved I will quickly tell you about. One is Krystal's friend Diane who is also a coworker and the only one at work that knew about our relationship. She is a fat girl who is in her early 20's who oddly enough I've had fantasies about fucking, which I've never admitted to anyone before. Another person involved is Diane's boyfriend Jeff who cheated on her a lot and who I was told by Krystal was very jealous of me because he always wanted to fuck Krystal, even though he had a girlfriend. I did know that he would try hitting on her from time to time, but with no luck. The other person involved is Keith. I didn't know much about him because I only met him once. Everyone called him "fag" because they said he was bi-sexual. I didn't know if he was or not, nor did I care. The only thing I knew is that he often hit on Krystal too. At least that's what she always said. The story begins on a Friday night. Krystal had been pissed about the fact that I was spending less and less time with her, and had really been on my case. I hadn't seen her in like 3 weeks and so when she asked me to go to a party at Diane's house I agreed. She told me if I drank too much I could just crash there so I wouldn't have to worry about driving. I thought to myself that I could use a good lay and a drink and that maybe I would make this our last encounter. I was very wrong about that and a lot of other things that night.

So I show up at Diane's house when I get out of work on a Friday night. It wasn't exactly the "party" I was expecting. It was Diane, Jeff, Keith, and Krystal. I didn't really care. I figured I'd have a few drinks anyway, and if I didn't feel like driving I'd stay there and do my thing with Krystal right there on Diane and Jeff's couch. That was just another of the many things I was wrong about going into that night. So Jeff asks me if I want "Grateful Dead" knowing that I like that drink. I quickly agree. It's pretty good and goes down quite fast. He asks me if I'm ready for another and I reply with a HELLS YEAH! So I'm drinking the next one and I've noticed Krystal and Diane have been looking at each other giggling like little school girls ever since I got there. I ask her if she's going to let me in on their little joke and she says "in due time", to which her and Diane really laughed out loud about. I thought to myself this is the typical child-like behavior that makes we want to dump you, but I said nothing. I started feeling really rocked on just the 2nd drink. Not so much drunk, but like I was getting really tired really fast. I finished it and Jeff asked me if I wanted another and I told him I should probably pace myself since I hadn't even been there long. He shot back "what are you wearing a skirt"? The girls again started laughing and this time Jeff and Keith even chuckled a bit too. Trying to save face I said fine lets have another. As I'm drinking the 3rd and not even that far into it I'm feeling REALLY sleepy. Not drunk, mind you just sleepy. I started to become very suspicious that Jeff was putting something in my drink. As I continued to drink it I was now pretty convinced. No way had I ever felt that way before off of 3 drinks. I would find out later they did drug me, but I never found out what it was. Even though I was convinced that I had been drugged, for some odd reason I wasn't even mad. I was very relaxed and very tired, but not mad. Maybe that was a side effect of the drug or something. Next thing I know Krystal says "you look awfully sleepy, you want to lie down"? I said yes and took off my shirt and stretched out on the couch that I had planned on fucking Krystal on, and put my legs across her lap. Not really sure how long I was laying there or even if I was asleep or not. But it seemed like about 5 minutes after I layed down I heard the words that made me very conscious of what was going on. Those words I heard from Krystal were "go get the clippers". Now even though I felt like I could probably sit up and protest I didn't for several reasons I think. One being that I had a sexual fantasy about a hot chick shaving my head. Krystal even use to threaten to do it when I was sleeping and I would tell her she didn't have the guts. I would tell her this because I thought that she did and she might actually go through with it. She could fulfill a fantasy without even knowing I had it. Although she may have suspected it with the number of times I dared her. Next thing I know Jeff is rolling me onto my side with my head hanging off the couch. Krystal then throws my legs off her lap and says I'm going to enjoy this. I then hear the snap and the buzz of the clippers coming to life and I know they are for real. Krystal starts at the back of my neck and swiftly moves the clippers all the way to the front of my head and I suddenly feel my cock spring to life. I am instantly hard. Now with my head hanging off the couch I'm pretty sure that no one could see if I try to open my eyes and look at the carpet to be sure this isn't a dream. I open my eyes and see another pile of hair plop on on the carpet just inches below my face. As Krystal continues I hear everyone laughing and snickering. Maybe it was the drugs or maybe it was because it was a fantasy of mine, but I didn't even care. Even though they were all laughing at my expense it was almost like the joke was on them I thought, because of this being a fantasy of mine. I would soon find out again I was wrong. Krystal continues until there is nothing left on my head but the smallest of stubble. My head now feels very cool and my hard-on is raging.

What would happen next I never could have predicted and this is where things really get strange. Jeff rolls me back onto the couch and onto my back. As I'm laying there on my back and I'm wondering if anyone can see I have a boner through my shorts, I hear Krystal say, ready for phase II of the make-over? Diane replies with a "yup", and I hear what sounds like rustling through a bag. This looks like a good color I hear, and she starts applying make-up to my eyes. I soon realize or at least I think I do what is going on. I have seen many people pass out at parties before and people do this to them. I decided I wouldn't try to resist and if either Jeff or Keith gave me too much shit about it the next day I would just kick the shit out of them. I was wrong again. Diane continues to take her time applying mascara and stuff to my cheeks, and then I can feel her tracing my lips with lipstick. They are all laughing and I'm really not that upset oddly enough. My boner is still raging and I'm thinking it's kinda kinky and that if I really wanted to stop it I could. The whole thing was really turning me on, mostly because of the fact Krystal was taking charge. I never had seen this side to her.

After Diane applies the lipstick I can hear her leave the room. When she re-enters the room I hear "this looks like it will fit nicely." What the fuck are they doing now I wondered? Krystal starts unzipping my shorts and pulling my shorts off. I no longer wondered if they would notice my bulge. Because as soon as she pulled my shorts off apparently she brought the boxers with them and I hear laughter. I was lying completely naked and exposed on my back, shaved bald and wearing make-up. I hear, looks like someone's either having a nice dream or they enjoy being a dirty bitch. Fucking Keith, I'll kick his ass tomorrow I thought. Then I hear Krystal say "well I know he likes to keep secrets, it looks like he has another he has been keeping". Wow, I thought to myself. She is REALLY pissed. Next thing I know I'm being lifted into a sitting up position by Jeff and I feel clothing being put over my head. My arms being put through the armholes of something sleeveless and very soft. I am layed back down and know that it is a dress being put on me. Krystal is pulling this dress down over the rest of my body and I can feel it lay midway down my thighs and can feel it covering me again. Then Krystal starts rolling these thigh high nylons down my legs, one leg at a time. Jesus, how far are they going to go I thought. I would soon find out.

Krystal starts admiring their work and says, that is one sexy little bitch if I do say so myself. She's turning me on. I think I want to kiss those sexy red lips. Now that's a little better I thought. I felt the warmth of her lips simultaneously with laughter. I wanted to kiss her back, but then they would know I was still awake. So I held back. Then I hear Krystal say these words to my horror..."say cheese". I quickly realized that those weren't Krystal's lips on my mouth if she was saying those words. I also quickly realized that if she was saying "say cheese" she probably had a camera. My eyes quickly sprung open and at that moment I saw a flash and I instantly knew what just happened. My boner quickly disappeared and I was consumed by anger. I realized it was Keith's cock on my lips. I went to throw a punch and my arm flopped over very sloppily over the couch and I quickly realized what a weakened state I was in. I sputtered Keith you fucking faggot! And even the words came out kinda sloppy. Krystal then replied I just took a picture of you in a dress, with the head of Keith's cock on your lips! Now who's the fag she said? I said Krystal what are you doing? I thought we had something! Krystal replied "I thought we did too, but I guess it was just not good enough for anyone else to know about right"? She went on. I was your dirty little secret right? Well now you'll just have one more dirty little secret to keep right? I thought to myself. If I can just grab that camera and smash it this will stop. She won't have anything on me. Hell I'll say I shaved my own head and deny the rest and anyone they try telling about this will think they are a bunch of freaks and never believe it. On top of it I will kick their asses if they even try telling anyone about this night. Krystal was standing about 4-5 feet from the couch and with one quick lunge I will rip the camera from her hand. I took my shot and lunged for the camera. It did not work out as I hoped. It was much slower than I had imagined and very clumsy. It basically looked like me trying to get up off the couch more than a lunge. Jeff grabbed me and easily tossed me back on the couch and I was so weak that I fell all the way back down on my back again. I got very panicked and soon realized that I wasn't going to succeed with my plan. Krystal began lecturing me again. She reasoned with me that if I cooperated with her and did everything she said nobody had to know about tonight. She said she knew I was good at keeping secrets and I should have no problem. I asked her what she wanted me to do. She told me to suck Keith off. I begged her, please don't make me do this! I'm so sorry for any hurt I've caused you I said. She agreed I was sorry and then added pathetic. She then told me it was up to me. I could suck his cock and just have the four of them know about it, or could refuse and have everyone I know INCLUDING my coworkers see a picture of me wearing a dress in full make-up and wide-eyed over having Keith's cock on my lips. It's a close-up too she added. She said I had to the count of 3 to decide the lesser of 2 evils. She began 1.... 2.... on the count of 2 I decided which was the lesser of the 2 evils and said okay.

The whole time that fag Keith was stroking his smallish cock and he was rock hard. I sat back up on the couch and Krystal told me just to do as I was told from now on and we won't have a problem. She told me it was pretty obvious who was in control of the relationship now and I had to agree. I told Keith alright lets get this over with and he replied, that's not a very good attitude! Krystal then said do as he says or else! I am going to go find a safe place for this camera she said and I'll be back shortly. You better fucking comply or else! I took Keith's cock and put it in my mouth. I can't believe this is happening I thought to myself. My boner was long gone and now I had Keith's in my mouth. He told me to do it like I like it to be done to me. So I started slow moving it in and out of my mouth and licking on the head. Then he told me not to forget about his balls so I moved my mouth down to his balls. He's giving me orders and calling me a slut and a dirty whore and there is nothing I can do about it. I went to move my mouth back to his cock in an effort to hurry this up and get this over with and he tells me "beg me for my cock". I'm thinking what the fuck! But remembering Krystals words I complied. I said please put your cock back in my mouth. He slapped me across the mouth with his spitty cock and said again! So with Diane and Jeff laughing I complied and said it again. At this point Krystal must have come back to the room too without me knowing. So his cock goes back in my mouth and I do my best to hurry it up. Keith starts groaning and I think he's about to come. He confirms this when he says I'm gonna blow it all over this bald bitch's head. He yanks it out and does just that. He then tells me to rub his wad all over my bald head. Remembering Krystal's words I do. Then he says "did you get the money shot?" Krystal replies with a very proud "yup" and as I turn to look at Krystal I learn that she just caught it all on video tape! I am horrified at this point. What the Fuck Krystal! Is all I could think of. She says are you complaining?! I said this has gone on long enough don't you think? She replied I am the judge of that! I thought you realized I am the one in charge now! Do you need to be reminded of the consequences of your disobedience? I said this is rape! I could go to the police with this you know! She said you could...but then when they watch this tape I have of you begging for Keiths cock to be put in your mouth like the slut you are and then wiping his load all over your head...I really don't think anyone will believe that is rape. My body got even weaker and I realized she truly had won. She had me in checkmate and I knew it. She continued. From this day forward your are now my slave. You will do anything and everything I tell you. That is unless you want to come out of the closet. But we both know how much you worry about other peoples opinions and how you like keeping secrets. So now you just have more secrets to keep. At that point I realized my life wouldn't be the same. This girl really had me by the balls and I was going to be her slave and she my master.

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Jeff interjected and said all this cock-sucking has me horny as hell. I'd like to fuck that bald headed slut he proclaimed. He asked Diane if he could fuck this slut too. She rolled her eyes with a big smile like she almost wasn't surprised, but maybe this wasn't a part of the night that was planned. She then said it was all right with her on the grounds that I would pleasure her while he fucked me. I looked at Krystal and she was smiling at the idea. I then said your a fucking fag too Jeff?! He angrily replied, the way I see it is you're the one in a dress that was just begging for Keith's cock. I just want to fuck a bald slut! I should have known he'd fuck anything looking at his fat girl friend. I looked at Krystal and said. I can't fucking believe this! I can't fucking do this! She said you can and will or else! The sooner you learn to shut your whiney fucking hole and learn your role as my slave, the sooner you will make like easier for yourself! If you had shut your slutty little mouth I would have said no to that since I think it's fucking gross! Fuck I thought. She is REALLY IS in charge now and she's right.

With that Diane started undressing to reveal big floppy tits resting on a big fat stomach. Then off came her sweat pants to reveal her big fat legs and thighs that were twice the size of mine as were her arms. Then she pulled off her giant under that was partially covered by her sagging stomach. Krystal then picked up the video recorder and Diane laid down on the carpet and spread her legs apart with a big smile on her face. Krystal called for action and I shut my mouth and complied. I crawled down onto the carpet and at this point it seemed like a treat. As I got my face up to her pussy I noticed several things. It was shaved, fat, and kinda brownish and stained looking. I don't know if it was from poor hygiene or chaffing or what. I began lapping it and it smelled a little foul like shit. As I started eating her the normally quiet Diane also suggested that I better do it right, and that Krystal told her I was good at it. I actually started to enjoy myself and was getting turned on again. At that Jeff got up and left the room and went to the kitchen. I wondered if maybe he was jealous and decided that maybe this is a way to get back at him, to do a hell of a job pleasing his girlfriend. Just one more thing I was wrong about that night. Diane told me to eat her ass too so I complied and spread her huge ass cheeks apart and licked her asshole. I started thrusting my tongue into her ass in an effort to really please. I literally tasted the shit, but ignored it. At this point I was very turned on and fully aroused again. I started thrusting my cock into the soft dress I was still wearing and laying on. Krystal immediately told me to stop, that tonight is not about me, unless it was teaching me a lesson. Jeff came walking back into the living room and walked over behind me. I knew what he was going to do or so I thought but I really had no idea what I was in for. I had never been with a man before tonight nor did I ever wish to be. I knew there was nothing I could do now as Krystal was right. So I tried to ignore him and focus on giving Diane one hell of an orgasm which seemed like it wasn't going to be too far away at this point. Jeff told me to quit laying and get on my knees. Prop that ass up in the air he said. I did so while keeping my face in Diane's pussy trying to shut him out of my mind. Then I felt my dress being flipped up onto my back and something cold being smeared onto my ass. I quickly glanced to my side to see a tub of margarine. I knew what was coming. I soon felt what seemed like a pretty small dick in me. It was gross but it wasn't as painful as I thought it might be. Then I soon found out that it wasn't his cock. It was his finger and he was lubing up my ass with margarine. I was disgusted and just tried to focus on eating Diane's pussy. Then it happened. I felt this enormous cock entering me. It felt like my ass was going to rip. My eyes started welling up with tears. I started licking Diane's clit feverishly and she started to orgasm. This seemed to piss him off or turn him on and he started banging me harder. His thighs slapping off mine were making a loud noise. At this point tears were streaming down my face. I turned to look at Krystal for mercy and she smiled and told me my mascara was running and everyone started laughing. I guess it wasn't my night for mercy. Jeff starts yelling about coming in my ass which completely disgusts me so I ask Krystal as nicely as possible if she can make him not do it. She says since you ask nicely I'll allow you to tell him where to come. So I told him to come on my ass. He complied and pulled out and busted his wad on my ass.

After that Krystal remarked how she had the best home movie of all time and that Paris Hilton had nothing compared to this gem. Keith said he had had enough fun for one night and that he couldn't wait for the next. Krystal replied that's up to Eric if/when there is another night. He laughed and on his way out said goodbye Krystal's bitch, thanks for the good time! To which I replied goodbye and your welcome. Then Krystal said oh good he's finally learning. Then Shortly after some laughing and remarks about the night Diane and Jeff retired to bed. Leaving me alone with Krystal. I crawled my way back onto the couch at a loss for words. I never knew this side to Krystal and I was still in a state of shock. Krystal finally broke the silence. Did you learn anything tonight? Not wanting to fuck with her anymore I said "yes", in a very humble way. What did you learn she asked? I learned not fuck with you. Is that it she asked? Knowing that wasn't good enough I knew I'd better elaborate and be nice about it. I told her I know now that she is in charge and that I am her slave and I will do as she says. She agreed that was all true, but told me there were other lessons to be learned about using people for sex and being hurtful. I quickly agreed she was right. I told her I never wanted anything like tonight to ever happen again, and that I would do anything in my power to make her happy. She replied that it sounds like I'm learning and that there is hope for me. She told me she knew I had a hard time with commitment and that she was determined to cure me of it. I told her I knew she would. I told I was ready to commit myself to her now. She said I hope so, but time will tell. She added it was a pity it took this much to get a commitment out of me and I agreed. She then told me to wash Keith's load off my bald head and call it a night. She helped me to the bathroom as I was very weak. I washed my bald head and it felt very strange feeling the water on my bald head. I started to wash my face and she asks "Did I tell you to do that?" I said no. She said no what? I said no master? And she smiled and said okay lets go to sleep.

I actually fell asleep quickly still feeling the effects of the drugs. I remember thinking maybe I'll wake up tomorrow and this will all have been a fucked up dream. I woke the next morning very late in the morning. I had been sleeping like a brick because of the drugs. I instantly knew it wasn't a dream last night because when I woke it was to them (Krystal, Jeff, and Diane) watching last night's video. It was edited too. There was no argument what so ever from me on the video. All just parts about me begging for cock, and for loads to be blown on my ass. This girl was far more clever than I ever gave her credit for. I was utterly humiliated as I sat up with my dress still on. I knew there was nothing I could say with last night's lessons still fresh in my mind. I got up to go to the bathroom and started to shower to wash the make-up off and get clean. Krystal barged in the bathroom and yells "did I tell you to take a shower"? No...I'm sorry I wasn't thinking. I just woke up and I'm still groggy. She replied it's okay, I know your still learning, and I could hear fucking Jeff who I wanted to kill at this point and Diane laughing from the living room. She says call for me when your done. I say okay. So I'm done my shower and tell her so. So she walks in the bathroom and tells me she thoughtfully arranged for some clothes for me to wear today. I look and it's straight from the "Diane Collection." Knowing it could be worse with that fag Jeff still sitting out there I happily take them from her and even thank her. She has me put on her underwear her bra her nylons and another dress. The whole nine yards. She then calls me out into the living room. Tells me to spin around and I do. They are all laughing their asses off, but I am happy to comply. It's better than being fucked.

Krystal then asks me if I want her to apply my make-up or if I want to do it. I told her that she would do a better job I'm sure. She agreed with a smile, and Jeff piped in and said that is one whipped bitch you got Krystal and Diane and he laughed. She replied I know. After applying my make-up she told me I would be driving her home now. (in broad daylight mind you) I asked her if Diane had a wig or something so that I wouldn't attract more attention and she asked Diane if she did. Diane grew a smile and left the room and came back with this long curly red wig. I thanked Krystal and she told me to thank Diane too, and I did. I put it on and we left.

On the ride home Krystal told me that some things would be different at work. I said okay how so? She said when they ask you about your new doo this is what you are to tell them. You are to tell them that you have had a huge crush on me for a long time and when Diane told you I like guys with shaved heads you went and had your head shaved. Diane will get around to telling everyone that she was only kidding and I in turn will tell everyone how stupid you look. They will all tell you I said this I'm sure, but you will tell them you don't believe them and you will keep shaving your head to impress me. Do you understand she asked? I told her I did and that it seemed very fair after the way I had treated her.

That was over a year ago and I'm still bald, and still her slave. I have actually learned to enjoy this and have learned that if I obey her, I never have to experience anything like that life altering Friday night. I enjoy serving her and am truly in love with her now.

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