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My Head Shave In Tirupathi
Author: Priyanka
Content: PG
Location: Other
Category: Self
Type: True
Post date: Sunday, June 29, 2008
Language: English
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This is a true story of my headshave which happened recently in Tirupathi.

My name is priyanka of 21 years old having long hair upto my buttocks.I got placed in a good company in the campus placement in our college.My mother vowed that i will get shaved if i got placed in the campus.She reveled  it  to me.But i didn't agree for this.But my convinced me that it is for me only.At last i agreed for going to tirupathi alone only.

I started my journey to tirupathi by bus on may 27,2007.I reached there by the 28 morning.I felt a bit difficult to imagine my head without hair.I took a room there in the cottages and relaxed for an hour and started to tonsure my head.I took headbath for the last time and left the long tresses of hair loosely and saw them for the last time.

I went into the place where the headshaves are being done.I felt nervous on seeing the site where I am going to be getting headshaved.At that place there are so many ladies waiting in the line for headshave.I took the token for the headshave an enter into the one of the line where there are so many ladies in the line.Slowly my turn is coming and the lady before me sat before the barber and handled the token and the blade to him.

The barber poured some water on her head and massage for sometime and he took the blade and inserted it into the straight edged razor.He tied the lady's hair into two knots and started in the middle of the head.Slowly white scalp of the lady become increasing and the hair is falling like river onto her lap.In minutes the lady with long hair turned into bald.


I am very much shocked at the site of this.And the barber asked me to sit infornt of him and I handled the token and the blade to him and said tonsure.

The barber saw the feelings in my face and he asked whether it is the first time for me.And he asked whether to start or not.I took courage and gave signal to him to start.He poured bowl of water onto my head and he masssaged for sometime.He said that "your hair is so nice madam".And he started by bending my head that it touches to my breast.He placed the razor on the middle of the head and started moving.I felt the cooling breeze which touches my head.He slowly moved my head towaeds my right side and a lump of hair fall onto my lap.And he turned my head towards my left side and he did the same and it took just for a dew minutes time to complete the task.

Tears came out of my eyes but I stopped them.At last the barber said that headshave is completed and he gave me the mirror to see my head without hair and I'm wondered to see the new face in the mirror.I was very much enbarrassed with my bald head.And i handled him an amount of 10Rs. for neat shaving of my head and left that place.I looked great for me in that appearance.I went into the temple and reached my home after two days.My mom felt very happy on seeing me in the bald head.Now it is grown upto my shoulder level.

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