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Forced Haircut
Author: Mick
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Post date: Thursday, August 12, 2004
Language: English
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The mother decided take her two young daughters to the beauty salon for a very short boyish haircut. One night the mother decided Saturday will be the day for trip to the beauty salon for the very short boyish haircut for her daughters. When Saturday came the mother told her daughters ranging from 10 to 13 years they are getting very short haircut. My two young daughters name Samantha and Victoria had very long beautiful thick blond and brown hair. They plead with their mother keep their very long hair but their mother said no. The mother order them to get dress for trip to the beauty salon. They arrive to the beauty salon. The mother drag her two daughters by their hands to the beauty salon .The mother told the two hairdressers her daughters need very short boyish short haircut. The mother order them sit on the chairs. They sat on the chairs. The hairdressers put cape around their neck. They took combs and scissors to cut their hair They are chopping their hair snip snip .The hair began fell on the cape and on the floor. The young girls are crying because their hair is getting shorter. Now their hair is shoulder length .The hair dressers now cutting their hair above their shoulder. Now the girls' hair is chin length now. The hair dressers is now cutting their hair above the girls' ears. Now you the girls ears. They finished cutting the hair with scissors now they using the clippers shave back their head. They made 2 passes at their head. They turn off the clippers. The hairdresser finished the haircut and took the cape. The hair fell on the ground There lot a blond and brown hair on the floor The hairdressers show Samantha and Victoria their very short haircut. They cried because they hate their haircut because they like boys now. The mother paid for the haircut. When they came home Samantha and Victoria plead their to them grow their long hair back. The mother spanked her daughters and told them their very long hair is gone and is not coming back The mother her daughters that are keeping their very short haircut now on. Every three weeks the mother took her daughters for a trim From now Samantha and Victoria will very short boyish hair for rest their lives.

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